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PD Dr. André Schirmeisen

(Oct 2010) Current work about nanoparticle manipulation (Dietzel et al., Tribology Letters 39 (2010) 273) featured as cutting edge article 'Nudging nanoscale objects' in the STLE Magazine Tribology and Lubrication Technology October 2010.
(link to online version of magazine, feature article on page 88)

(Oct 2010) Andre Schirmeisen assumes position as substitute of the Professorship (Vertretungsprofessur) of Prof. Harald Fuchs for winter term 2010/2011.

(May 2010) '1st European Nanomanipulation Workshop' took place in Cascais, Portugal from 17-19.5.2010, co-organized by the Nanomechanics group. (link)

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Our research work is characterized by the application of scanning probe microscopy (SPM) methods to modern issues of surface science and nanostructured materials, including development of new Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) systems. Special emphasis is put on high precision measurement and interpretation of interatomic forces with the atomic force microscope under extremely well-defined conditions in ultrahigh vacuum.

Atomic and Molecular Forces
'From high precision force measurements to mechanisms of self-assembly'

Quantitative assessment of interatomic forces in 3D space, development of low temperature atomic force microscopes
Mechanical and electrical characterization of functional organic molecules as building blocks for nanoelectronic devices. Study of epitaxial behavior of mono/multilayers of organic molecules on insulators.

'The Physics of Superlow Friction'

Quantitative assessment of friction of nanoscale contacts, mechanics of atomic scale contacts, new phenomena like superlubricity, applications towards smart friction materials.

'Ion jump dynamics in nanoscale volumes'

Development of an AFM based technique for the analysis of nanostructured solid electrolytes with improved ion conduction properties for applications in super-capacitors, batteries, electrochromic windows.

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